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Urban Edge Subdivision 
Township of Laurentian Valley, Ontario 

This transformative project harmonizes nature's beauty with urban convenience, unlocking boundless potential for both investors, builders and the community at large.

Project Summary

Project Status:

Phase 1 - Design Stage

Urban Edge stands as a testament to innovation, community, and purpose-driven development. Nestled across 189 acres in the heart of Township of Laurentian Valley adjacent to the City of Pembroke, Ontario this visionary project is primed to redefine.


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The Urban Edge Site map with legend, concept plan include a variety of housing types, commercial and live-work spaces
Site map detailing the phases of completion for the Urban Edge Subdivision Project.
Landmarks planned for areas around Ottawa river, which include a hospital, schools, community centres, recreation buildings
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The Vision

Diverse Housing

Urban Edge envisions a community of singles, townhomes, and garden suites, strategically designed to optimize density. Micro suites add an innovative touch, ensuring that every inch of this prime land serves its highest and best purpose.

Single family homes.webp

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Attainable Stacked Townhomes
North of the wetlands, stacked townhomes are positioned to cater to the need for attainable housing. This thoughtful approach ensures that Urban Edge is accessible to a wide range of individuals and families.
stacked townhomes replacement.webp

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Created Waterfront & Tiny Homes
The existing sandpit will metamorphose into a captivating man-made beach, surrounded by charming tiny homes overlooking a future lake. It's a serene escape that seamlessly blends nature with modern living.
tiny home community.png

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Expansive Parkland & Playland
A dedicated parkland with a vibrant play area for adults and children ensures that there is ample space for recreation and bonding. Here, kids can explore, laugh, and create cherished memories
Expansive parkland and playland.png

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Wetland Trails
Nature enthusiasts and hikers will relish the wetland trails, inviting exploration and connection with the environment. These tranquil pathways are the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Wetland trails.jpg

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Commercial & Entrepreneurial Hub
Retail and commercial spaces offer opportunities for local businesses to thrive. But we're taking it further—imagine a local business marketplace and workshop spaces, fostering creativity and entrepreneurial spirit throughout the seasons.
Commercial and entrepreneurial hub.jpg

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