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Tatty Hill Subdivision 
Calabogie, Ontario 

This is not just about living; it's about crafting a vibrant community that thrives in an enriching environment

Project Summary

Project Status: Design Stage

Embrace the extraordinary allure of Tatty Hill Development, a sprawling 93-acre expanse nestled in the heart of Calabogie - community, and purpose-driven development. Picture a vision where rugged modernity seamlessly intertwines with the breathtaking landscapes of this rustic haven.


Contact us to learn how you can get involved. 

Tatty Hill Development, a 93-acre expanse in the heart of Calabogie, where community and purpose-driven development converge.
Endless Possibilities
The meticulously designed space offers a myriad of possibilities, creating connections with the abundant surrounding nature. 

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Redefining Calabogie Living

Redefining Calabogie Living
Tatty Hill is a modern oasis, where contemporary comforts harmonize with the natural setting, providing a distinctive and unparalleled lifestyle for those seeking the essence of Calabogie living. Welcome to a unique and modern retreat, redefining the very fabric of the Calabogie lifestyle.


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