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Labrie Purpose-built Rental
Ottawa, Ontario 

Where Modern Comfort Meets Urban Connectivity - A Visionary Beacon in Transit-Oriented Living

Project Summary

Project Status: Zoning Approved

Nestled within the vibrant and evolving landscape of Cryville, the Labrie Development Project represents a bold step forward in harmonizing residential comfort with modern urban design. Positioned just a stone's throw from the Cryville Transit Station, this transit-oriented development promises to be a beacon of connectivity and convenience.


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Labrie, a modern multi-storey development stands out with its red-brick and modern design
Harmonizing residential comfort and urban design, Labrie will focus on transit connectivity and multi-faceted infrastructure
A New Vision for Urban Living
The Labrie project is conceived as a response to the unique challenges and opportunities of its locale. Surrounded by a diverse mix of residential, light industrial, and automotive uses, the site presents a canvas for a transformative vision. The project's design acknowledges the existing disconnect in pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, proposing a multi-faceted approach to community integration and mobility.
Design Philosophy
Grounded in the principles outlined by the City of Ottawa's Official Plan, Secondary Plan, and Transit-Oriented Development Guidelines, the Labrie project seeks to elevate the urban experience. Emphasis on massing, front elevation, entrance materiality, and landscape design underscores a commitment to creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust.
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