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About Us

The team behind Creative Dev Ventures, CEO Carina Guzman and colleagues surveying a potential development site

About Creative Dev Ventures

Creative Dev Ventures is a visionary land development company, deeply rooted in Ottawa and its surrounding areas, with a rich history that has evolved in response to the ever-changing urban landscape. At the heart of their journey is a passionate commitment to redefining urban living with purpose, one community at a time. 
Their story began in Ottawa, where they first ventured into Transit-oriented developments. These early projects laid the foundation for their enduring dedication to sustainable, transit friendly communities. As time progressed, their vision naturally expanded to embrace infill developments, spanning the spectrum from low-rise to mid-rise buildings. They have now ventured into the dynamic world of subdivision development. 
At Creative Dev Ventures, they are driven by a profound belief in the power of development with purpose to create beautiful communities. Their aspiration is to craft spaces that not only inspire but also foster a profound sense of belonging. With every project, they are on a quest to contribute to the well-being of the communities they serve where the people live, work and thrive.

Meet the Team

Our Logo Explained

The circular lines in the logo symbolize harmonious collaboration and unity, highlighting values of togetherness, cooperation

Overall, the intertwined circular lines in the logo visually represent the harmonious collaboration and unity within a community or organization, emphasizing the values of togetherness, cooperation, and integrity.


  • Community: Each line signifies different individuals, groups, or elements coming together, illustrating the strength found in unity and shared connections.

  • Collaboration: The interlacing circular lines represent collaboration and cooperation and signifies how diverse perspectives, ideas, and efforts intertwine to create something cohesive and impactful.

  • Integrity: The seamless integration of the circular lines reflects the commitment to cohesive and ethical practices within the community and organization, emphasizing honesty and trust.

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