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Creative Dev Ventures, our logo, The circular lines in the logo symbolize  harmonious collaboration and unity, highlighting v

Our Impact

With a focus on community well-being, our impact is created by challenging the status quo of the development industry and creating modern developments that allow its residents to truly connect, live, work, and thrive in their environments.

Creative Dev Ventures
Red barn - rustic community hub, somewhere to gather and meet friends, family and form connections
Two older fellows enjoying some lawn bowling - our projects promote accessible community activities
Our projects connect you to nature, running on along trails and enjoying nature will be easy
Our projects bring you closer to nature and finding healthy lifestyles in all seasons
Our projects encourage residents to get outside, enjoy nature and create connections with others
Image of beautifully lit tiny-homes on a lake, development with purpose means enjoying nature in all seasons
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What We Do

We as land developers, re-imagine communities with purpose at the forefront. An approach beyond mere construction that emphasizes creating spaces for community well being, social cohesion, economic growth and stakeholder collaboration.

Purpose-driven development prioritizes the well-being of residents. It focuses on creating safe, healthy, and vibrant neighborhoods that promote physical and mental health through access to green spaces, recreational facilities, and community services.

Purpose-driven development creates safe, healthy, vibrant neighbourhoods with green spaces and community services.
Our Projects
Urban Edge Subdivision
Laurentian Valley, Ontario

Urban Edge stands as a testament to innovation, community, and purpose-driven development. Nestled across 189 acres in the heart of Township of Laurentian Valley, adjacent to the City of Pembroke, Ontario this visionary project is primed to redefine.

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Urban Edge, a purpose-driven development of 189 acres in Laurentian Valley near Pembroke, Ontario, redefines the landscape.
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