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Knowledge is the foundation upon which confidence is built, and confidence is the driving force behind successful endeavours.

Immerse yourself in an educational experience where knowledge and confidence converge to create success.

Experience our transformative masterclasses, guided by Carina Guzmán, a renowned Land Development expert and CEO of Creative Dev Ventures, along with other industry experts.

Together, they will delve into the nuances of land development, covering all aspects in depth. Join the waitlist to be among the first to know when we go live.

Land Development Academy

Land Development Academy

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The soon-to-launch Land Development Academy (LDA) offers an unparalleled journey into the realm of land development. With masterclasses that distill decades of professional insight into actionable, bite-sized lessons, LDA is setting a new standard in land development education.

Who this is for

Aspiring Land Developers

Embark on your land development journey with our Accelerator Masterclass, specially designed for those eager to grasp the core concepts and processes of land development.

Seasoned Experts

For professionals looking to deepen their expertise, our advanced masterclasses offer insights into more complex aspects of land development, furthering your capability to tackle challenging projects with ease.

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Your Pathway to Mastery Includes

Accelerator Masterclass

Learn from Land Development expert, Carina Guzmán in this comprehensive Masterclass designed to equip you with the skills needed to succeed in land development. 

Expert-led Advanced Masterclass

Access advanced sessions led by industry professionals covering the full spectrum of land development education. 

Community of Peers 

Connect, share, and grow with a network of like- minded individuals, all striving towards mastery in land development. 

Exclusive Insights and Tools 

Access a wealth of resources including case studies and practical tools, all designed to streamline your path to mastery. 

Meet your Coach

Carina Guzmán

CEO, Creative Dev Ventures

Carina Guzmán is a true visionary and force to be reckoned with. With an illustrious career in land development, Carina's journey is comprised of innovation, passion, and unwavering commitment to shaping the landscapes of our future. 

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What Sets Us Apart

  • Transformative Approach: We challenge the status quo of land development education by bringing  purpose and creativity to every project, sparking excitement and adventure.

  • Strategic Confidence Boost: Our curriculum is tailored to enhance your critical and strategic thinking, elevating your confidence with each project.

  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base: Master every aspect of land development, from initial land assessment to project exit strategies.

  • Preferred Consultant Network: Gain an edge with access to our vetted consultants, enhancing your project outcomes.

  • Exclusive Resources: Leverage our curated tools, including real-world case studies, checklists, pro-formas and frameworks, designed for efficiency and success.

  • Flexible learning: Enjoy the freedom to learn at your pace, with on-demand access to all our content 24/7.


What past students say

Carina’s coaching and teaching techniques have shaped our mindset and helped us stay focused. She is a natural teacher and very personable. Her guidance and inspiration have been amazing in helping us tap into our limitless potential. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in land development. She always believes in us and challenges us to go outside our comfort zone and to grow. Carina is really helping us to expand and for this we will always be grateful!

Oksana & Igor


Who are the instructors for the Land Development Academy Masterclasses?


Masterclasses will be delivered by Carina Guzmán, a renowned land development expert and CEO of Creative Dev Ventures as well as other leading industry experts, consultants and professionals.

What level of experience is required for the Accelerator Masterclass?


The Accelerator Masterclass is designed for aspiring land developers with little to no prior experience. It provides a clear and accessible introduction to the core concepts and processes.

What topics are covered in the Accelerator Masterclass?


The Accelerator Masterclass offers a comprehensive introduction to land development. It covers all core concepts and processes, including land acquisition, market analysis, feasibility studies, zoning and entitlements, design and engineering, construction, project financing, exit strategies and more.

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